Rethinking what we want from a good school; creating better schools one practitioner at a time.

by | Oct 16, 2023

For many living in the Global South, sending a child to school is one of their highest aspirations. It is a repository for our highest ideal as humanity, an investment in bequeathing knowledge and skills to our children so they may live more fulfilling lives. That is why families sacrifice immediate income and labor,
and children give up autonomy and time to attend schools. That is why we invest significant resources and goodwill in ensuring that children get an opportunity to attend schools.

Muslim African girl in class. COALITION FOR GOOD SCHOOLS.

If you are interested in creating such schools, below are five key ideas that are a part of that starting point:

Begin by preparing the opinion infrastructure; link how education is experienced with the outcome we seek.
Innovate the learning process; delink fear with learning.

School is a fertile entry-point; ideas that enter a school do not stay at school

Offer ideas not directions; emphasize process instead of a prescription.

Count on local leadership; offer meaning, not control.

Preventing violence by transforming the school system